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BrainSpeeder thanks for your interest. You will recieve further information on the pages Advertising or directly at Contact.

In the following media (and others) BrainSpeeder has been presented:

date source view
19.02.08 Jahr der Mathematik 2008
Bundesministerium für Bildung & Forschung
Botschafter als Mathemacher
LINK (extern)
11.02.08 School Awards, powered by EDEKA
Image-CD-ROM, Website
LINK (extern)
04.02.08 c`t magazin für computer technik
DVD-Software-Kollektion 1
LINK (extern)
BEST OF WEB - Category "Games & Fun"
LINK (external)
20.09.07 Bild.T-Online.de
Report "Mit diesen Web-Seiten halten Sie Ihr Gehirn fit"
LINK (external)
08.06.07 REGIO TV Schwaben
Report on TV
LINK (internal)
27.05.07 AOL.de
Starting Page: "Tipps & Themen"
"Mehr Megahertz für Ihre Birne"
JPG (89 kb)
04.05.07 PC-Welt
Report "Übertakten Sie Ihr Gehirn", 
book-DVD, 06 / 07
GIF (298 kb)
25.04.07 delta Radio, Kiel
Report on the Radio & Link from the Website
LINK (external)
20.04.07 openpr.de
Report from the press association
LINK (external)
07.03.07 Neue Westfälische Zeitung
report in the daily newspaper
JPG (216 kb)
26.02.07 YAHOO! news LINK (external)
26.02.07 Global Press
report from the news agency
LINK (external)
22.02.07 PC-Welt
entry in the online-portal
LINK (extern)
Print and online campaign from
downloadmix.de in Computer Bild, PC-Professional, PC-Welt, etc.
PDF (4192 kb)
31.10.06 Deutscher Bildungsserver
entry in the online portal
LINK (external)
31.08.06 Frankfurter Neue Presse

award: tool of the week
LINK (external)

book-DVD, 09 / 2006
PDF (545 kb)
book-DVD, 07 / 2006
JPG (79 kb)
22.06.06 Münchner Merkur
entry in the online portal
LINK (external)
22.06.06 Frankfurter Allgemeine
entry in the online portal
LINK (external)
31.03.06 Günzburger Zeitung
special supplement
PDF (326 kb)

We would be glad if you reported on our game, too. For example by setting a link on www.BrainSpeeder.com on your website.

In this case, please establish Contact with us or use the below-mentioned press releases or media of the Corporate Identity.

Press Releases
Brain jogging,
with a fun factor
 (48 kb)
Corporate Identity
BS-Logo EPS (1311 kb)
BS-Logo PDF (38 kb)
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